Webcams Murren

Live-Webcams - Schilthorn, Stechelberg, Lauterbrunnen

See on your own screen what the weather in Mürren looks like today. Below is a selection of live cameras installed in Mürren and the surrounding region.

Live images from the roof of Hotel Edelweiss

>> Live Cam

This webcam is mounted on the roof af neighbouring Hotel Edelweiss, barely 50m from Haus Montana. A fresh 360° panorama is produced every 15 minutes. At night the last taking recorded before dusk is shown.

More livecams

Each link below opens a new window with a webcam view taken from a different viewpoint. The cameras take 1 picture per minute.

Mürren, Hotel Eiger -

Schilthorn ->schilthorn.html |>schilthorncam1

Lauterbrunnen -

Stechelberg -
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